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Software to move your audience

Stress-free online video presentations, shine bright as a polished speaker! CiceroNow digital overlay works in conjunction with your preferred video conferencing platform.

Why CiceroNow?

Personalized Software, Only You See, for Any Video Presentation So You Deliver like a Pro.

Today, all of us have to be, and can be, polished and confident speakers over video platforms: look at the camera/audience, speak clearly, present well, and handle questions seamlessly. CiceroNow is the software program that sits on top of your preferred video conferencing program and lets you privately tailor your presentations — sales pitches, job interviews, corporate meetings, educational lectures, you name it — with our unique patented digital overlay content fields, teleprompter, and chat feature, invisible to your audience but viewable to you, so that you are the best speaker possible: laser focused on your audience, no fumbling through papers for notes, and no looking away from the camera/audience to find information. CiceroNow helps you close that deal, sell that customer, make your presentation, convince the audience, land that job, or just blow other’s minds anytime you have to connect via video. Abandon all stress that comes from public speaking with CiceroNow.

Cicero software helps me look my best when I video conference and while giving presentations to potential clients. I simply have to read my script without looking away from my audience and key data is there in front of me in case I get a question. It really makes me look good!

Leonard MoralesChief Marketing Officer, INLANDLIGHT LLC

I use this for my video meetings with insurance companies to get us paid. It keeps my data there for each successive meeting and I am able to stay on top of them to get paid in a persuasive and forceful manner. Highly recommend.

Darleen TanitaCOO at Medical Practice

CiceroNow is an excellent tool I use to feel better presenting to my class so I get over my nerves at public speaking. A critical crutch to make me less nervous and comfortable.

AidenStudent at UCSB

CiceroNow is perfect when recording voice over scripts, the teleprompter works better than most applications specifically designed for this purpose. I also use it for conferences and meetings. This is a must have tool for any professional that's also affordable.

IzzyVO Professional,

See it in Action

Private Digital Overlay You Create & You See

Only you see the digital overlay content you create, so the audience only sees you looking into the camera as you make your pitch. No fumbled papers, no hemming, and hawing, no looking down for your notes and showing your bald spot! Look like a pro and wow the audience.

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CiceroNow Demo

Your Key Data, Ready for You

Content boxes allow you to pre-populate data, facts, pros/cons, arguments—any information you select—so that you are armed and ready for anything your audience throws at you. You never have to look away, you never lose your audience as you seamlessly handle questions or discuss points. Look like a pro and wow the audience.
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Content Box Demo

Private Chat for You and Your Team

You can’t tell your audience to hold on while you look at a text or take a call to help you answer a question. And traditional video conferencing chat features run the risk of accidentally sharing messages with the wrong people. But with CiceroNow that risk is gone — you have private chat in your digital display that only your invited CiceroNow team members see so they can safely give guidance in real time with no risk others on the video call will see the message. Look like a pro and wow the audience.
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A digital teleprompter that only you see is also available for those times you have to give a speech as part of your presentation. Set it up with font sizer and the right speed/pace ahead of time. Pause it with a click if you get a question and then restart it on demand. Have it up with the content boxes and message platform, all invisible to the audience. Look like a pro and wow the audience.
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Teleprompter Demo

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    $39.99/ year

    CiceroNow Subscription

    Subscribe here to download and start using CiceroNow, available for Apple MacOS and Windows PC.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Public speaking is stressful and scary, how does this help exactly?

    You are not alone, it is stressful for everyone. Many studies show that speaking publicly is one of our collective greatest fears. But CiceroNow removes that stress and anxiety and allows you to shine through. First, it lets you prepare your information in a manner that is easy to access with confidence, so you do not have to worry about memorizing (and then forgetting) and nor do you have to fumble around to find answers on physical notes or documents (and thereby look away and lose your audience’s focus). Importantly, this means you do not have the “what if I forget to say…” trepidation/anticipation that afflicts all speakers. Knowing that your material is in your field of view just in case you have a “brain freeze,” CiceroNow allows you to perform confidently. And by knowing that others can offer you guidance through the real-time chat feature, you know you have your team right there with you on the front lines, invisibly and seamlessly, which also reduces anxiety. Conquer the natural stress of public speaking over video platforms with CiceroNow.

    How is it that the audience does not see what I see?

    Because CiceroNow is unique and special — it is a near-transparent digital overlay field that sits above your video software’s user interface, only visible to you on your screen. It does not interface with any video software, with no plug-ins, API connections, etc. Instead, CiceroNow sits on top of your chosen video program as your personal near-transparent digital display to help you control your video presentations with confidence and poise.

    Why not just present online in the old way, with my piles of papers, and notes and stickies all over the place?

    Because you want to be the best version of yourself possible. And because fumbling through notes or looking away causes you to lose your audience’s trust, receptivity, and confidence in you. Connecting with your audience means speaking and looking at them, not away. Looking off-screen or down as you look at notes damages your credibility and does not let you shine bright. You need to seamlessly handle any issue and have your notes and data on your screen so that you can look your audience in the eye and speak simultaneously. CiceroNow levels the playing field so that all can be polished, professional speakers and all can deliver presentations like a pro.

    How does the private chat work?

    Once you save your content as a CiceroNow project, you can invite team members to join a particular project with a private key. When you are live, they can send messages to you in the digital overlay field in real-time, and only you and they see the delivered content. No risk of messages being shared to all attendees, only your private CiceroNow group ever sees them. For remote groups that have to work together in one video meeting from different remote locations, it’s a perfect way to communicate quickly and invisibly without ever taking your attention away from your audience. For supervisors who want to give some younger team members experience, it’s a great way to let them be on the front lines, but with you invisibly present just in case you need to redirect them or nudge them to say something different.

    Can I customize the presentation field I see?

    Yes, 100%! You have note fields you can use or not use. And you have a teleprompter field you can use or not use. And you can resize the notes boxes for more screen coverage, or the teleprompter box, all as needed. Sometimes you may want to use only the notes fields for certain presentations, so minimize the teleprompter completely and make the notes boxes larger as needed. You can use chat or not. You decide what you need for each given presentation because every presentation has different needs. Use one, some, or all of them!

    Where is my content for my presentation saved?

    Only on your computer. We do not host your created content and have no connection to your data, so all your created content is 100% safe and private and in your complete possession on your local computer. CiceroNow poses no risk of compromise to your created content, and so you are as safe as you are already. (Be safe!)

    Is video conferencing here to stay?

    Yes! Myriad meetings, sales pitches, conferences, and business events will continue on video conference platforms into the future for practical reasons ranging from the substantial cost savings to businesses in averting travel, the need to allow employees to work and live remotely in preferred locations, and the need to reduce our carbon footprint, all of which savings occur with video meetings. Many meetings and events will stay online now, even if some return to face-to-face… And CiceroNow will help you in those in-person meetings, too, for you get access to the professional art-of-public speaking and persuasion video content with your purchase!

    Who needs CiceroNow?

    Anyone who ever speaks and presents to any group over video chat software, which in this day and age and the coming years is everyone: sales, service professionals, marketing, HR, students, doctors, engineers, government employees, you name it! We all must connect and communicate via video platforms, and we must be our best. If you are presenting to your business unit, team, or any group, then CiceroNow lets you deliver better presentations every time. The use cases are as endless as the times we engage over video chat.

    What if I want to show a PowerPoint in my Zoom and also use this?

    No problem! You can open your video software platform and open CiceroNow above it at varying levels – partially or completely, so both programs are accessible given CiceroNow’s unique, transparent digital overlay. Or if you want to toggle to the video program to show a PowerPoint or other content, then with one click you minimize CiceroNow completely; and then with one more click bring it back when ready. Because it is your digital overlay, you are in control.

    How many projects can I have?

    As many as you want! You curate and create and then save your content as individual project files for every given project. You can have multiple projects as defined by You. Go back to them for future projects or re-presentations if needed even.

    Can I use CiceroNow with Zoom, BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, Skype, any video conferencing program?

    Yes! Open your chosen video conferencing software and then you open your CiceroNow display on top of your chosen video software. CiceroNow then sits on top so only you see it. Yes, only you! And you can close it with a click and reopen it with a click too.

    How to download and subscribe to CiceroNow - Windows Edition

    Please follow these simple steps to download, register, subscribe, and Login to the CiceroNow Software.

    Step 1: Select the Correct CiceroNow Edition Software

    Please select the correct Edition of the CiceroNow Software for your computer. Currently, we support both Windows Desktop and MacOS Desktop Computers.

    Windows Download CiceroNow

    Step 2: Download the CiceroNow Software

    Once you select the correct edition, you will be directed to the secured server to download the CiceroNow Software.

    Windows Desktop Edition Download
    CiceroNow Windows Edition Download


    Step 3: Install the CiceroNow Software

    Double-click on the setup file. Agree to the terms and proceed to installation.

    Select how you want to install the CiceroNow Software.

    Choose where you’d like to install the CiceroNow Software.

    Step 4: Launch the CiceroNow Software

    Step 5:  New Users Must First Register

    Click on “New Users-Register Here.”

    Fill out the simple registration form and click on “Sign Up.”

    After submitting your registration information, you will get the “Verification Email Sent” message. Please check your email and verify your email address. Check your spam filter if you don’t see it in your general email box.

    Check your inbox, and click on the email verification link. 

    Confirmation that your email has been verified. 

    Step 6:  Subscribe to CiceroNow

    Proceed to the CiceroNow Software application and click “Subscribe Now” or visit this link:


    Complete the Subscription form and click “Subscribe.” You must use the same email address (case sensitive) you used to register.

    Log in and start presenting like a Pro!


    More questions?

    Reach out and share your stories! [email protected]. We’ll get back to you!