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Use Cases

The sky’s the limit. Any time you use video conferencing, CiceroNow can help the presenter and the team behind the presenter deliver better. Create your files and data for the meeting or event, and have them saved for follow-up meetings too.

Here’s a list of some standard use cases, drop us a line and let us know your

Corporate Meetings

In house meetings to discuss business agendas, sales, forecasts? Need to look polished and on top of your game with all the data at your fingertips. Your team can give you ideas and alerts ins eal time.

Sales Pitches

You need the pros and cons at your fingertips, sales data, and competitive intel, all to deliver in a polished professional manner. Outshine the competition.

Customer Meetings

Regular customer update meetings? Need to keep track of likes, dislikes, and important personal details, all are there for instant use, so you display confidence and know your customer.


Group presentations in class, team projects, faculty or students alike, Cicero Now let’s you shine.

Legal Cases

Arguing to the judge on a motion, doing a remote oral argument, attending a virtual mediation or deposition, or a business transaction with opposing counsel — all need Cicero Now’s help so you are ready with point and counterpoint.


Tele-med applications are burgeoning and health care professionals need to communicate professionally and confidently, with key patient data at their fingertips. Update after each tele-meeting and have a permanent running dialogue of notes and data for each patient.

Job Interviews

Have your strengths in front of you to close that job! Have useful information to handle standard questions so you are not caught hemming and hawwing! And have your questions there in front of you so you can look professional and polished when it is your turn to ask.