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CiceroNow – Step-By-Step so You Can Present Professionally and Polished!



There are two choices at the main menu at top menu bar tabs: My Meetings and Invited Meetings, each of which are what they sound like! My Meetings is where you create content to use during a video event when you are the team or meeting leader, or if you are just alone. Invited Meetings are where you create a meeting with the ID number given to you by a team leader for when you will be attending the same video event.

To create a Meeting in either click the gray box at the bottom of the main menu for either tab. Give your meeting a name that has relevance to what you are doing: March 3 Sales Pitch to ABC, Client Jones Session, Profit Meeting, XYZ Event, Class Lecture No.5, etc.

Example: if A and B are attending a meeting and A is the leader, then A creates a meeting in My Meetings, called “Sales Pitch” for example, and adds all her materials in the notes boxes or teleprompter as needed.

A then clicks on the Your Meeting ID box at the top of CiceroNow overlay field and the meeting code is automatically highlighted and copied. Then simple paste it (Ctrl-V in PC or Cmnd-V in Apple) into a text or email and send to B (or others).

B then uses the code to create a meeting in the Invited Meeting tab, and the meeting is given the name as used by A, “Sales Pitch.” B can also add his content that he may want to have ready for the meeting that is visible only to him. (Each attendee can have his/her own content saved only by them locally to their computer in their meeting–meeting content is not shared across users because it is entirely private on your local computer).

When the meeting starts, both A and B open their respective saved meetings from their respective top level tabs (A in My meetings and B in Invited Meetings) where they are saved, and can then communicate with CiceroNow’s head’s up chat feature that only A and B see, as discussed below in more detail.

You can then size CiceroNow to cover perfectly the video chat platform you are using, or you can size it to cover part of your video chat screen. You customize the extent of the digital overlay.

Content Boxes

When a meeting is created it then appears in the main menu bars and you then click on it to open CiceroNow to see your field that you will overlay on the video call. There are 3 content boxes on the left where you can open, and give titles and place your content in, and then save. You can minimize one or more or all, if you do not need them during a video meeting or if you are done with them. You can minimize them by clicking the left arrow [<–] in the upper right corner to hide them or by then re-clicking the now visible larger right arrow [–>] that is grayed and in the margin to reengage them. Content box size can be changed by pulling the little sizer icon in the lower right corner to size the box; font size cannot be changed.

Only you see your content, which is saved locally on your computer. CiceroNow does not have access to your saved content.


Click on the edit icon (pencil in a box) and paste your content into the Teleprompter and draft away! Alter the font size. Pick the right speed for you, so practice ahead of time by changing numbers of speed in the Scroll Time box. We have found that normal speech patterns for presenting tend to be at speeds of 1-3 with font size 30-40. Practice and see what works best for you given the font size and box size you select! The Teleprompter box size can be changed by pulling the little sizer icon in the lower right corner of the box to size the box. And “Pause” is critical to use anytime you want to stop so keep the mouse cursor near the “Pause” icon!!

If you do not want to use the Teleprompter simply click the right arrow in the top right corner of the teleprompter box and it will slide away; to reengage click the down arrow (that now appears) at the top of the CiceroNow overlay.

Only you see your content, which is saved locally on your computer. CiceroNow does not have access to your saved content.


When in a meeting, as in the example above, you can receive messages and send them to invited guests who are also using CiceroNow with the same meeting ID. Only you and your invitees see the messages being shared in the CiceroNow display, just as only you see your content boxes/teleprompter content in the digital overlay field of Cicero and another member at the same video meeting will see their own content boxes. When you leave a live meeting, the chat content is not saved for future re-entries.

Save and Exit

When you leave a given meeting, click the exit button at top right and then click yes to save the content. Your content will remain for when you want to go back and use it again or add to it.

Remember, your content will remain, as Cicero is saved to your desktop with the content you create in Content Boxes and Teleprompter, but the chat discussions are not saved so once you exit a meeting, your prior chat history is gone forever!

Persuasion Programs

Click on the link and go to the website for programs just for your viewing.