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Public Speaking & Persuasion Programs


Research has long shown that making eye contact yields successful results in presentation environments because people who make eye contact–and are not looking away, or fumbling through their notes and papers–are seen as more intelligent and trustworthy. Gain that benefit with CiceroNow and work with the free content programs to give the best presentation possible in your next video conference. CiceroNow takes the stress out of public speaking and public presentations in our modern video conferencing world. CiceroNow enables you to keep control of the video presentation by having everything in your digital overlay screen so you never have to look away, so your audience stays focused where they should: on You!

And once subscribed, you have access to educational persuasion content and public speaking content to help you be the best speaker possible for all your presentations, discussions, lectures, or client meetings and pitches. With help on framing a story, securing credibility as a speaker, and basic tips to be a better public speaker in your video calls, our free content helps you further unlock your potential as a public speaker. Further, the content for subscribers helps you make your presentations even better with content built around authenticity, storytelling, and the ideas you need to be a better and more persuasive speaker–to advocate for yourself.